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Plague in Peru

2010-08-30 15:59:44 From Luzhu Hits2310

10 August 2010 -- As of 30 July 2010, the Ministry of Health in Peru confirmed a total of 17 cases of plague in Ascope province of Department La Libertad. Of these, four are pneumonic plague, 12 are bubonic plague and one was septicemic plague. The onset of symptoms for the last reported case of pneumonic plague was on 11 July 2010. During the investigations, 10 strains of Y. pestis were isolated from humans, rodents and domestic cats.

The control measures being implemented include insect control in households located in high risk areas, strengthening of disease surveillance and case management, contact tracing, and sensitization of the affected population.

WHO is working with the Ministry of Health in assisting La Libertad with the outbreak investigation and response activities in affected areas and the surrounding districts.

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